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Connect to self, community, oneness

Allow Caitriona to guide you as you step onto the mat and begin the wonderful journey of self-exploration through movement, yoga, meditation, somatics and sound healing. Walk the path to meet your deeper self, through getting still, slowing down and connecting inwards, getting to “come home to yourself” again and again.  Drawing on your own innate inner wisdom and knowledge, enjoy a more fulfilled, healthy life, enriched with greater vitality, ease, presence and joy.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Gita

Join Me On The Journey

Caitriona offers lots of pathways to practice through Yoga, Somatics, Meditation and Sound-Baths. Caitriona and her students are meeting and growing as a community online every week.


Yoga is an ancient body mind practice designed to bring us to a state of stillness and inner connection.

Caitriona has been enjoying life changing effects from her own yoga practice for over twenty years.   She now shares her love of Yoga with others through her community based classes, workshops and retreats as well as teacher trainings.

Caitriona’s classes weave together a unique blend of Traditional Yoga, Breathwork, Embodied Movement, Somatics, Meditation and Relaxation. Through this unique combination, we build greater awareness and a deeper connection to our innate wholeness, we tap into our own intuition, learn coping skills and increase flexibility, strength and resilience of mind and body; all leading to a healthy and full life with balance, calmness and ease.


Meditation is a wellness practice that has been proven to reduce stress, improve focus, and contribute to a range of mental, emotional and physical health benefits.

Caitriona has found having a daily meditation  practice to be life changing, giving her access to deeply held inner resources, resilience, calmness and vitality.

Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient practice that uses different musical instruments to create healing vibrations that in turn promote a state of wellbeing and vitality.  Sound healing can be offered as a Sound- Bath or as a one-to-one on the body treatment.

Caitriona had her first experience of Sound Healing 8 years ago after attending a sound-bath workshop.  She felt an instant state of deep relaxation and following the session, noticed a huge sense of stress release. Blown away by the power of the gongs and Tibetan bowls, Caitriona started out on her journey to become a Sound Healer.  She now enjoys sharing the gift of sound healing with others all over the globe, through her online LIVE Sound-Bath evenings using a wide range of healing instruments including Tibetan bowls, Gongs, Tunning Forks and Chimes.

Classes In-Person & Online

All classes and sound-baths are currently held both in person and online. For In-Person Classes, these are mostly held at Áras Chrónáin in Clondalkin Village and also other venues around Dublin.  Online classes can be joined from anywhere in the World.

All bookings are done through a secure platform. For online classes, details will be sent out to you in advance. If you can't make a class the recording will be available to you for 7 days. 

Meet Caitriona 

Caitriona has experienced first hand from her own personal practice the transformational power of Yoga and Meditation.  Caitriona’s soul desire is to serve others through sharing her knowledge and enabling her students in their journey of self-discovery to their innate wholeness. 

Caitriona's classes weave together a unique blend of Traditional Yoga, Breathwork, Embodied Movement, Somatics, Meditation and Relaxation. Caitriona offers weekly classes, workshops, sound-baths and retreats.

Caitriona brings her personal heart centered, authenticity and warmth to all that she does.

Caitriona is dedicated to building a strong community.

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Caitriona was invited to represent Yoga Therapy Ireland on International Yoga Day on Ireland AM

Here’s what people are saying about Caitriona

Joan McGuirk

She is an inspiring practitioner & teacher

I've enjoyed Caitriona's yoga classes for many years. She is a truly dedicated teacher and supports her students and community with such passion. 

Caitriona offers many different practices from Yoga and Somatics to Meditation and beautiful Sounbaths. She is an inspiring practitioner and has helped us all enormously, particularly through these challenging times. 

Bernadette Quinlivan

I think everyone should experience a class with Caitriona

I've been doing Yoga Classes with Caitriona for over three and a half years. She's an amazing teacher. The knowledge she has about Yoga is fabulous and she is always doing courses and passing on new ideas to us. Caitriona also does Soundbath classes which I think everyone should experience. Thank you so much. 

Triona Cross

I would have no hesitation in recommending Caitriona

Caitriona is a wonderful yoga teacher and also a wonderful meditation master. I have been on my yoga journey with Caitriona for the last seven years and found her to be very professional and also bringing a bit of fun to her classes. I would have no hesitation in recommending Caitriona as a yoga teacher.