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Tools I recommend

Here are some of my most used resources that I’m delighted to share with you

Insight Timer – I use this app most days for my meditation practice, the basic version is completely free.

davidji – davidji is my meditation teacher and he has tonnes of free meditations and talks on his website

Mary O’Callaghan who founded Oscailt, Integrative and Wellness Centre in Dublin shares some wonderful meditation practices here

Tara Brach has been one of my main go to meditation teachers for many years, she has lots of free resources on her website, her dharma talks are always an inspiration, plus she does free weekly Facebook live events

Lisa Petersen has been one of my most influential teachers, I took my Somatics journey with her many years ago and I continue to train with her in field of all things embodiment.  She offers wonderful free Yoga and Somatics classes for all here on her YouTube Channel

I love Yoga Nidra, its such a powerful practice.  Check out Richard Millar’s amazing resources on his website

Daniel Coates is an incredible sound healer, I’ve had the opportunity to do some one to one voice work with him over the past year.  He offers lots of free sound healing and breathwork events on his Facebook channel

If you love chanting and Kirtan, check out Krishna Das.  I had the joy of meeting him personally at his live Kirtan and workshop here in Dublin a couple of years back.

He offers a weekly Kirtan on YouTube

Here are some of my other incredible teachers

To all my teachers I bow