Join Caitriona for one of her regular workshops, master classes or relaxing yoga weekend retreats.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation, that allows you to scan the body and tap into a state of relaxed consciousness as the mind settles in a place between wakefulness and sleep. Anyone can practice Yoga Nidra and research has proven many benefits including reduction in stress, improved memory, relief of tension and pain, general improvement in wellbeing and vitality. Join Caitriona from the comfort of your own home for one of her online Yoga Nidra sessions and feel the huge benefits yourself.


Somatic movements, which are a series of slow conscious movements aimed at regaining ease and freedom in our bodies work on a deep level, so what better way to explore the transformative benefits than a workshop experience.  Caitriona offers regular workshops in Somatic Movement allowing her students to take the extra time to sense and feel inward and gently release stresses and old patterns of holding, so that they can feel lighter, more grounded and connected to their amazing bodies.

Outdoor Classes

Caitriona offers weekly outdoor classes in the community over the summer months.  What better landscape to practice yoga, breath work, sound healing and meditation, where we use the trees as our mirror in Tree Pose and meditate to the sounds of the birds singing and a closely river gently flowing.

Embodied Movement

Caitriona is inspired by many embodiment practices, including Embodied Flow ™, developmental movement patterns of body mind centering, somatic movement, feldenkrais and qi gong.  Caitriona has experienced through her own practice the deep transformative effects of these modalities, drawing on the bodies innate intelligence and wisdom to self-heal and self -regulate.  Caitriona weaves these embodiment practices with traditional yoga postures into her classes and workshops to create a sense of inner connection, self discovery and resilience.

Yoga Retreats

Caitriona has been organising and offering Yoga Weekends for a number of years.  Caitriona’s idea of a great yoga weekend is one that is nourishing, relaxing and fun with like-minded beings. Caitriona loves to give her students the opportunity to take a deep dive into self-care, always in a beautiful natural setting. Caitriona weaves a blend of her magical offerings including yoga, meditation, breathwork, yoga nidra, relaxation and sound healing into her events.