Yoga in and for the Community

Yoga is an ancient body mind practice designed to bring us to a state of stillness and inner connection.

Caitriona has been enjoying life changing effects from her own yoga practice for over twenty years. She now shares her love of Yoga with others through her community based classes, workshops and retreats.

Caitriona’s classes weave together a unique blend of Traditional Yoga, Breathwork, Embodied Movement, Somatics, Meditation and Relaxation. Integrating these different practices and styles makes it varied and interesting. Caitriona’s classes are designed to be accessible and fun, where we always learn something new.


Connected to our welcoming yoga community, every class is a unique heart centered invitation to come home to yourself. Building greater awareness and a deeper connection to our innate wholeness, we tap into our own intuition, learn coping skills and increase flexibility, strength and resilience of mind and body; all leading to a healthy and full life with balance, calmness and ease.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Gita


The Somatic exercises are slow, mindful movements mostly done lying down on the floor. The primary focus is on finding ease in the body through these slow conscious movements. Somatic movement education is system of neuromuscular education and a movement awareness practice. 

In a Somatic Education Class, you will learn a series of self-care movements to release tight muscles on the front, back and sides of your body. The overall goal is to become more aware of habitual muscle tensions in order to release them.  A regular practice of somatic movement gives the practitioner agency over their own controlled movements in their body, releasing deeply help patterns and injuries, resulting in a felt sense of ease, joy and liberation from within. 

If you can sense it & feel it you can change it.

Thomas Hanna,
Founder of Somatic Movement Education

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Here’s what people are saying

Bea Downey

The very first thing I noticed after attending Caitrionas yoga class was just how accessible it
was for everyone, beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Her classes are never about
how far you can stretch or bend they are more about honouring yourself in mind, body and
spirit. Catriona delivers her classes with such a warmth and generosity of spirit, that puts you
at ease immediately which was great for a beginner like me who was attending the classes on
her own. She has a fantastic knowledge of the human body which she delivers in such a way
that its easily understandable. Catriona also introduces other holistic aspects into her classes
such as mindfulness which I have always enjoyed and feel it adds to my sense of wellbeing
and relaxation. I would not hesitate to recommend Caitrionas yoga classes to anyone.


I had never done yoga when I first went to Caitríona’s class six years ago. I wasn’t very confident in my ability.
Caitríona was hugely welcoming and her class has a culture of acceptance sharing and family.
Over the last few years I’ve learned all about yoga and taken part in meditations, chanting Soundbath a weekend
retreat and more, all of which have been nourishing and life changing for me.
Caitríona is an inspiration and I have met many kindred souls who I now consider my friends.
I would recommend Caitríona’s classes to everyone


Caitríona is an exceptional teacher, and the Clondalkin Yoga community are warm and welcoming. Practising
with the community helps me feel grounded, connected and the variety in the practice means you are excited
about the next session each week. It is my sanctuary, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to
be connected with like-minded people.