Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound healing is achieved by applying beneficial natural sounds directly to the body. All of life is vibration. Sound has access to each atom in the body. 

When applied these vibrations reach the brain and the nervous system through the ear, through the skin and through bone conduction, spreading through the body, resulting in an experience of deep restoration and whole body healing. 

Caitriona had her first experience of Sound Healing 8 years ago after attending a sound-bath workshop.  She felt an instant state of deep relaxation and following the session she noticed a huge sense of stress release. Blown away by the power of the gongs and Tibetan bowls, Caitriona started out on her journey to become a Sound Healer.  She now enjoys sharing the gift of sound healing with others all over the globe,  through her online LIVE Sound-Bath evenings. 

These have been enjoyed all over the World, from Australia, to LA and everywhere in between.

Caitriona uses a wide range of healing instruments including Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, drums, tunning forks and Chimes. Her latest addition to her sound healing family is a beautiful melodic Celtic Handpan.

“Sound, the medicine of the future”

”Predicted by Edgar Cayce (1877)

Caitriona is dedicated to building a strong sound healing community.

Sound Healing Events

Online Soundbath

Caitriona offers regular Sound-baths that are streamed live events through her website.  This is a community gathering bringing together people from all over the World, from LA to Australia and everywhere in between.  Caitriona has a recording studio set up so as to achieve the closest possible experience to a live event, with vibrations and resonance transferring to those receiving it. Good quality headphones or a speaker are highly recommended. These online Sound-Baths start with a guided relaxation and then a slow journey of sound using a wide range of sound healing instruments.

Soundbath for Children

Caitriona is passionate about sharing the many benefits of Sound Healing with as many people as possible and as a mother of two beautiful daughters; Aoibhinn (12) and Soirse (9) she knows full well how important it is for children to have ways to switch off through quality downtime and relaxation.  Caitriona shares customised Sound-Baths for Children specifically designed to bring a state of calmness and ease.  Here mini students often tell her that these sound-baths are a great companion for bedtime and help them to get a really deep restful sleep.

What to Expect from Online Soundbaths

Once you have booked in for a LIVE sound-bath event you will be sent an information leaflet and log in details for the session.  The session will be accessed directly via a link to this website. We advise that you create a sacred space where you will be comfortable and not disturbed for the full duration (usually 1 hour). We advise that you use your favourite relaxation tools, eye bags, bolsters, your cosiest blanket or even enjoy the experience in your bed, as Sound-Baths prime the body and mind for deep restful sleep.

We start with a nice long guided relaxation and then we move into the sound-bath journey. The sound bath is recorded using highly sensitive recording equipment, this is needed to achieve the best possible sound-bath audio vibration and to create an experience as close as possible to an in person event, as a result you will hear other sounds for example  Caitriona moving around the room, picking up instruments etc and also some ambient and distant sounds in the environment. Caitriona has chosen to record it this way as her intention is for it to be of excellent audio quality and therefore as powerful as an in person sound-bath, your role is to simply allow the sounds to wash over you and bring their vibrational magic. In experiencing an online Sound-Bath you are invited to open yourself up to receiving this healing upshift in your vibration, right down to a cellular level.  As always it is Caitriona’s intention for this guided relaxation and sound bath to be a deeply nourishing and healing experience for all who share in it.

Leah Hayden Cassidy,
London, UK

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in a number of Catriona's soundbaths. From the
very first experience, I felt completely uplifted and captivated throughout the session. I
have a lot of difficulty switching off my thoughts, especially at night. It usually takes me a
long time to fall asleep, but with the help of each sound bath, I fell peacefully asleep
each time. I’m so happy to be part of this beautiful community that Catriona has built!
Each session makes me feel more rested, positive and powerful than I’ve ever felt! The
sounds she creates take you into such a beautiful place and her voice makes everything
feel so calm. I would recommend experiencing Catriona's soundbaths to really
understand their positive effects!

Michelle Drury

Caitriona offers the most beautiful and healing sound baths. I have never quite experienced such an ease in the way that Caitriona can hold space & channel energy to allow the body and mind to switch off so effortlessly< I find that the sound baths offer deep and therapeutic healing for both body and mind. I listen to the sound baths almost every evening and they have without doubt helped me sleep very peacefully, release daily stresses from the mind and restore the energy in the body. I have also attended Caitriona's somatic classes and found these also very healing for my body. I suffer from arthritis and I found the gentle movement combined with Caitriona's healing voice, really soothing for my body.  I would highly recommend Caitriona's offerings for anyone who is need of rest and healing and looking for an enriched practice. Caitiriona has many gifts and is a wonderful teacher, I look forward to going to many more classes in the years to come!

Moira Cassidy

I've participated in a number of Caitriona's soundbaths in person and also online since lockdown. The combination of the sound vibrations created under Caitriona's expert mastery of the bowls and instruments, combined with her gentle meditation beforehand, make this a truly powerful and healing experience. As someone who has always had difficulty relaxing, I have found Caitriona's soundbath experience extremely helpful in calming both my mind and body. I highly recommend her workshops and sessions for anyone interested in self care and mindfulness.