Meditation is a wellness practice that has been proven to reduce stress, improve focus, and contribute to a range of mental, emotional and physical health benefits.

Caitriona has found having a daily meditation  practice to be life changing, giving her access to deeply held inner resources, resilience, calmness and vitality. Not only enabling her to overcome many challenges, meditation has allowed her to Thrive in her daily life. 

Caitriona’s classes include a wide variety of techniques and traditions, as  she supports and guides her students to find the technique that resonates most and allows them to grow their own personal practice.

Experience the many benefits meditation has to offer. Join Caitriona for one of her meditation courses, workshops or regular community “Meditation Meet Up’ events.

Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divine within you.

 Amit Ray

Upcoming Meditation Classes

Meditation Courses

Caitriona offers Mediation classes, workshops and events for all levels, from beginners to improvers. Caitriona is currently offering a “Starting a meditation practice” course designed to give you the tools to establish a daily ritualised meditation practice.   Caitriona also offers regular free community based Meditation Meet Ups for all interested in joining like-minded beings for an hour of gentle guided practices. All classes are currently online.

Meditation Wellness Programs

Caitriona designs customised wellness programs for organisations weaving all of her areas of expertise, meditation, yoga, breathwork and sound healing.  Contact her today to talk about bringing these amazing wellness practices into your organisation.


I really enjoyed Caitriona’s 5 week mediation course. There was great variety each week
and the guided meditations were so easy to listen to. Caitriona provided additional resources and links to interesting articles and other meditations.
Overall, I found this course very enjoyable. Caitriona is a great teacher and this course is a great way to get into a regular practice or to learn something new!


If you are looking for a meditation teacher you couldn’t ask for better than Caitriona, she has a lovey relaxed persona so her energy is instantly calming. She is a mine of information, extremely helpful and uses methods of meditation that will suit everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and picked up some tips that I use daily and they have been really beneficial.

Brid Carroll

I joined Caitriona's meditation for beginners' group as a total newbie to
meditation....I just loved the end bit at the yoga  During lockdown I was feeling very stressed...working full time and homeschooling. It was the best choice ever for me. Caitriona didn't put any pressure on...a very relaxed space to gift myself every week. I still don't have a daily practice but I go back and
give myself an hour every week when I'm stressed. She has provided so many
resources. The ones I go back to are her personal recorded ones. I think its because I like the familiarity. Loved my Wednesday time outs.